The Simple protocol for eliciting the Relaxation Response consists of the following 8 steps.

Someone closing their eyes for the relaxation response

Note that this is probably the simplest protocol for eliciting the Relaxation Response, so it should only take a few minutes to learn the basics. The step that may require a bit of additional thought at the beginning is step 1 (deciding on your Focus Entity). After that, the practice should become very routine. Health benefits accrue over time and are not dependent on the subjective feelings that you may have while experiencing the Relaxation Response.

Eliciting RR

2. Find a Quiet Place

Ideally, it is good to find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position. However, the relaxation response can still be elisited in less than ideal conditions.

8. Let Your Body Return to Homeostasis

Your body may be in a state of deep rest after doing the relaxation response. Therefore, just as when you are coming out of a deep sleep, it is wise to give your body a few minutes to return to its regular state for conducting activities (called homeostasis). It is usually best to keep your eyes closed during this time of returning to homeostasis, using a ratio of about 1 minute with eyes closed for every 10 minutes that you were experiencing the relaxation response.