Our purpose is to build a customized online platform for your research project. Your research project might be based on a grant that you received, the department needs of your university or research organization, or any other project where you desire a robust online platform that is uniquely suited to the way that you want to conduct your research.

Our platform combines our years of research experience with the flexibility and maturity of the Drupal CMS and the robust AI and ML services of the Microsoft Azure cloud. The resulting platform brings you capabilities that are uniquely suited for today's cutting edge research.

Starting with our Standard Platform

We begin with our Standard Platform that provides a social network to improve collaboration as well as other features that are useful for research teams. The platform is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud which offers dozens of powerful AI and ML services as well as robust security.

Possible Features from Drupal

Drupal offers thousands of modules that make it straightforward to expand capabilities according to your specific desires. Module capabilities that may be useful for your research project include the following.

  • Mapping and Geolocation Services
  • Digital Asset Management - e.g. DKAN
  • LDAP - integration with Microsoft/Azure Active Directory
  • Dashboards
  • Webforms
  • Business Workflow e.g., Maestro
  • Molecular Structure Viewer e.g. JMol
Possible Services from Azure

Being hosted on the Azure

Other Possible Services

Because Drupal has web services that can be included and extended, it is possible to integrate with many other third party research programs. Some of the programs that we have already included with other MyLabBook installations include the following.

  • BioGears - For simulations of physiology
  • Data from Wearables - We have developed parsing libraries for data from Apple Watch, FitBit, and Oura Ring