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We build Research Oriented Platforms that include ELNs and support for social networking
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Who We Are

We build online websites and tools for your research projects.

What We Do

We use open source software based on the approach. We build websites and tools to match the specific needs of your research project.

We begin with a flexible open source Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) based on the approach. Then we add features according to the specific needs of your research project. Possible additional features can include social networking features (from BuddyBoss), a community database portal, a custom-themed public website, or other web services for simulation list Biosimulators.

Our   open source approach provides the following benefits.

  • Website Portability - At any time you can get an export of your website structure from a private Git repository. This will allow you to reproduce the website on your local servers or have a different WordPress agency create and manage the website for you.

  • Data Portability - At any time you can easily export your data as CSV files. You can also import your data into a clone of your website. If you combine this with the Website Portability then you can reproduce your website locally or have a different WordPress agency reproduce it for you. This Data Portability also allows you to easily process your data with machine learning, statistical analysis, or other types of analytical software.

  • No Vendor Lock-in - Using the information from the website, you can build your own research platform or contact one of the many WordPress service providers to build or extend your research platform for you.

  • Freedom to Innovate - If there are certain features or situations that you desire that are not available now, you can create extensions by yourself, in your team, or from a third party to extend the platform.

We are currently developing the full commercial platform and plan to have availability in the Summer of 2023. Please contact us for more information about building your research website in the cloud.

Our Background