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Launch in February 2021

Hosting a Combination Electronic Lab Notebook, GeoCMS and Social Network for your Research and Teaching Needs

February 2021

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Over 10 years ago, we used the Drupal CMS to host Google maps and a custom Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for biotechnology data collection and analysis at the University of Houston. This approach has proven to be a robust, inexpensive and unique alternative to other open source and commercial ELNs. will use a similar approach to provide hosting for labs or research projects who desire to have some combination of an ELN, Geographic Information System (GIS) and a Social Network (SN). We plan to lower economic and technical barriers for any scientific investigators and research projects who value such a combination.


Add tools for managing student data and assignments
Export all of your data in CSV files
Manage and customize your own ELN or let us do it for you
Map your sample collections using geodata
Add social networking features to maximize collaboration
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